Privacy Policy

DEVELOP-JMB/HSH Business Solutions Tunisia does everything in its power to manage and protect your personal information. Normally, you will not need to provide your name or any other information about yourself to access this site.
At the same time, this site is operated for the purpose of providing information about Konica Minolta DEVELOP Business Solutions Europe and JMB/HSH company, and there may be instances where you will be asked to voluntarily provide personal information such as your name and address, responding to surveys or requesting answers to questions, signing up for periodic mailings, or having printed materials mailed to you.
In such cases, you might be asked to give such personal information as your name, email address, telephone number and street address. There may also be cases where a minimum of additional information will be requested for particular purposes. Except for the minimum necessary information, all such information is optional; you are free to provide or not. Under no circumstances will the information you provide be altered without your permission.
Note that there may be instances where the information you provide is notified to a third party, but only to the extent necessary. For example, if we are instructed to ship the materials to your address, it will be necessary to notify your name and address to the shipping agent.
If any registrant information on this site requests disclosure of their own personal information, it will be done only to the registering party and only after confirming the identity of the requesting party.
In offering certain types of services on this site, the possibility may arise where you will be asked to provide more confidential information such as that of electronic money or credit card transactions. In such cases encryption of the information transmitted and other measures will be taken to ensure the security of the information.
The policies described above may change in the future, in which case all such changes will be communicated on this site.